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A vacation on Kauai provides many opportunities to indulge in a Hawaiian luxury — Enjoying the beach! To decide which beaches to visit on your vacation, we put together this list of the best Kauai beaches.

Kauai has many wonderful beaches and each one has something different to offer. Some feature calm sanctuaries with crystal-clear water, while others are exciting spots for surfers to catch large waves. Some are remote and isolated, others have adjacent parking lots and public restrooms.

Kauai Beach Safety

No matter which beach you choose to visit, please remember to always keep safety in mind. Make sure that there is an active lifeguard on duty before entering the water. Never swim alone or let children out of your direct sight – even the most tranquil-looking waters can hide dangers. There may be sharp corals, swift currents or dangerous wildlife anywhere among the islands. When in doubt, it is much better to err on the side of caution.

And, remember that many of these beaches have different personalities depending on the season and current weather. For example, a location that is clear and perfect for snorkeling in the summer may be rough and cloudy in the winter. And beaches that are known for awesome surfing in the winter may be calm and flat in the summer. Be sure to check surf and weather reports before heading to the beach!

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Hanalei Beach

Stretching over two miles, Hanalei Bay Beach can accommodate many visitors without feeling crowded. Sun bathers on the sandy shore are surrounded by beautiful scenery set against a backdrop of tropical mountains. Hanalei Bay is flanked at either end by two coral reefs.

Tunnels Beach

For visitors looking to see the sights under the waves, visit Tunnels beach on Kauai's North Shore. During the typically calmer summer months, this beach offers some of the best walk-in snorkeling in Hawaii.

anahola beach east kauai

White sand, stunning views and a plethora of activities await guests at Anahola Beach. The reef-protected beach allows for amazing swimming and snorkeling opportunities. Bodyboarding is popular at the shore break near the mouth of the Anahola River.

anini beach kauai

Anini Beach is known as one of the most protected beaches in Kauai, thanks in part to the two-mile-long fringed reef that runs the length of Anini Beach. Hawaii's longest reef, it creates an ideal, calm spot for children to swim and play in the water.

poipu beach park kauai

One of the smaller beaches on our list, Poipu Beach is a great choice for families with small children and first-time snorkelers. Encompassing two bays, this popular beach has lots of amenities including lifeguards, rest rooms, picnic areas and showers.

Lydgate Beach Kauai

One of Hawaii’s most family-friendly beaches, Lydgate Beach Park offers ample amenities for whole-day adventures. Enjoy the double-sectioned, rock-enclosed pools - perfect for Enjoying a nice dip with kids or older family members without the pull of the ocean’s tide.

Kealia Beach Kauai

Kealia Beach sits just north of Kapa’a, off Highway 56. A popular beach, this gorgeous destination draws people to its deep, clean sand and walkable coastline. An ideal place for surfers and boogie boarders, this beach is best-suited to more experienced swimmers, as the riptide can be powerful and currents unpredictable.

Salt Pond Beach Kauai

Salt Pond Beach is located near Hanapepe, on the West side. As its name would indicate, it used to be a popular location for Hawaiian families, who would come to the beach to collect the natural sea salt left over in pools during the summer months.