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Discover Kauai Through The Island's Many Fascinating Guided Tours

Exploring Kauai on your own is of course a fantastic way to tour the island, but it's hard to get the full picture without the help of a few guides. The guided tours available on Kauai take you across the land, out on the waters, or up in the fresh island air. In addition to the unique views and access points you're granted on a guided tour, the guides on these tours provide invaluable insights into Kauai's history, ecosystem and means of exploring.

Browse our favorite Kauai guided tours below to complete your island experience. Once you've picked out your tours, head back to our Kauai Things To Do guide for more great activities, and of course book your stay in one of our lovely Kauai vacation homes!

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Take in Kauai's natural splendor from a bird's eye view on a thrilling Kauai helicopter tour! Check out some of the best local helicopter tour outfitters.

Take to seas surrounding Kauai on scenic boat tours and excursions. Get the most out of your day on the water by opting for tours with snorkeling included too!