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Here in Kauai, the land is only part of the area's spectacular scenery. Arguably more of the island's natural beauty is found out on or below the surface of the water. To experience that other world surrounding Kauai, you'll need to book a guided trip on one of the many local boat and snorkel tour outfitters.

If you're wanting to stay dry while enjoying the water, then opt for one of the many available sunset or whale-watching tours. Sunsets at Kauai are unquestionably some of the best spectacles to witness in the world, and watching them from the water is almost too heavenly. If you're here between December and May, you'll be visiting at the same time as the mighty humpback whales. 

Although you can have a perfectly exciting time just staying on the boat for your Kauai sea-faring guided tour, choosing a boat tour with a snorkeling package adds so much more to the experience. You'll literally see into a whole other world beneath the surface and can see marine life such as exotic reef fish, eels, sea turtles, and more. If you want to maximize your day out on the water, we definitely recommend adding snorkeling to your boat tour itinterary.

Check out some of our favorite boat and snorkel tour outfitters below.

Kauai Sea Tours

  • Address: 4353 Waialo Road, Eleele, HI 96705
  • Phone: (808) 335-5309

Holo Holo Charters

  • Address: 4353 Waialo Road, Suite 5A, Ele’ele, HI 96705
  • Phone: (808) 335-0815

Kauai Zodiac Tours

  • Address: 3417 Poipu Rd #105, Koloa, HI 96756
  • Photo: (808) 742-7422
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