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22 Apr 2021
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With the endless amount of outdoor adventures and activities to do in Kauai, we know our guests are bound to explore all that the beautiful island has to offer. From the flourishing botanical gardens or the fish you'll see jumping through the ocean water, there's another outdoor activity we have to tell you about. 

Bird Watching in Kauai, HI

While you won’t see the pterodactyls you viewed in Jurassic Park, you're guaranteed to see more than just lush forests and beautiful mountains while looking through your binoculars on the gorgeous island of Kauai. The exotic birds in Kauai contribute to the magic of the island, and their habitation has a history. Ready for your crash course in Kauai ornithology? Let’s explore some of the island’s top birds that you may see during your stay with us. You just may see one from your oceanfront vacation rental

Red Crested Cardinal

This stunning songbird belongs to the family of tanagers. Its tri-toned color begins with a red head and chest, tapering down to a white neck and belly, and ending with a gray back and tail. Native to countries in South America, like Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil, the Red Crested Cardinal has also made a home for itself in Hawaii. Most commonly sighted in areas that are partially open, like parks and near tropical shrubbery, these birds are generally found in pairs or small groups. 

Rose-Ringed Parakeet

Most often found in woodland areas, gardens, and among trees, this vibrant and beautiful small bird is sure to catch your eye. Its stunning red beak, vibrant green body, and intricate orange, yellow, and black detailing make this bird stand out. A unique trait of the Rose-Ringed Parakeet is its ability to be adaptable. Native to Asia and central Africa, but spotted across the globe, the Rose-Ringed Parakeet is a common household bird that, when having escaped, can establish itself in many different regions. Can you spot on during your Kauai vacation?

Erckel’s Francolin

Is it a chicken, or have you spotted an Erckel’s Francolin? While this pheasant sized bird highly resembles a chicken, its beauty is unique to Kauai and the other island of Hawaii. Calling areas like grasslands and shrubs home, Erckel’s Francolin have a distinct call that resembles the sound “er” while descending in pitch towards the end. With a mixture of white, brown, auburn, and black feathers, this bird can be spotted on golf courses in Kauai as well. Next time you’re on the green, you may just spot one!

Bird Watching Essentials

You’re bound to be mesmerized by the wildlife on the island of Kauai, but if you’re interested in taking this calming yet exciting activity to the next level, we have some suggestions to make the most out of your bird watching experience. Here’s what we recommend you keep close by while birdwatching in Kauai:

  • Binoculars

  • A bird species book

  • A journal

  • Umbrella or poncho

  • Camera

  • Zoom Lens

It doesn’t take much to enjoy this wonderful activity in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Bird watching is not only meditative, as it allows you to focus on the sounds and feelings of nature, but it also allows you to have an experience unique to the location you are currently visiting. We can’t wait to assist you in finding your perfect vacation rental that keeps you close to all the great things to do in Kauai, including bird watching.