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kauai farmers market, hawaii farmers markets

Locals and visitors come together to socialize, share stories, and celebrate Kauai’s legacy at farmers markets, where farmers share this array of native tropical fruit and so much more. These markets showcase Kauai's heritage through food, crafts, and entertainment. You can sample traditional Hawaiian dishes and support the local economy by attending a farmers market on your trip.

Surfing Kauai

Kauai offers the perfect haven for both seasoned surfers and eager novices seeking the thrill of riding the waves. We'll explore the best surfing spots, valuable safety tips, and excellent places that offer surfing lessons in Kauai.

Kauai, the Garden Island of Hawaii, is a true haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. With its stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear waters, Kauai offers some of the most incredible snorkeling experiences in the world. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced...

top lifeguarded beaches in kauai

The island of Kauai has much to offer its guests, including some of the best beaches in the world! Learn where to sit back, relax, and stay safe on Kauai’s top lifeguarded beaches.



Horseback riding at sunset isn’t just for those slow motion scenes you see in movies. In Kauai, horseback riding is perfect for any type of  traveller looking to try something a bit out of the norm while visiting the island. Whether you’re traveling with family,...