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22 Apr 2019
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Most of us have been guilty of packing too much for a vacation at one time or another. We get it — nobody wants to be the most under-dressed at an event. And ever since your scouting days, you have prided yourself on being prepared for whatever comes your way.

However, your back and your wallet both will thank you if you bring only what you are likely to actually use. Having a lighter suitcase will not only be easier to carry, it can avoid the costly overweight luggage fees charged by most airlines. 

(Kauai Vacation Rentals Pro Tip: Weigh your suitcases on your bathroom scale before leaving for the airport! The weight limit is 50 pounds per bag for most airlines today. Check with your airline to get the exact details, then make sure you are at or under that limit to avoid overage fees — which can run from $25 to well over $100!)

Here are our suggestions for what to pack for your Kauai vacation to make sure you bring everything you need, and nothing you don’t!

Clothing and Shoes

There is one guiding principle to follow when deciding what to pack for your Kauai vacation: keep it casual! You will find very few circumstances that call for fancy dress in Hawaii. Indeed, the most common daily wear in Kauai is a short sleeved shirt, shorts, and flip flops (locally referred to as “slippahs”) or sandals.

With comfortable temperatures and generally mild weather, a light jacket will typically be all you need to keep comfortable in evening breezes. And for the occasional rain shower we see in the coastal regions, bringing a light poncho can keep you dry when you are out exploring.

One of the main reasons visitors spend their vacations on Kauai is to Enjoy time in our beautiful waters. We suggest bringing two swim suits with you. That way, you can leave one at your rental to dry while you head out for a day on the water in the other.

In addition to flip-flops or sandals, we recommend bringing a sturdy pair of walking shoes if you like to get off the beaten path. Hiking through our tropical landscape will be much more Enjoyable with good support and covered toes.

Equipment and Accessories

The islands of Hawaii are one of the best places in the world to Enjoy outdoor activities. From snorkeling to surfing, paddle boarding to sunbathing, you will be hard pressed to find a better location.

Having the right equipment and accessories is vital to many of these activities. However, unless you are a seasoned pro that needs specialized or custom-fit equipment, you are generally better off renting what you need here.

Masks, fins and snorkels are available for rent at many stores and resorts, often at lower rates than you can find on the mainland. And if you are looking to ride the surf, there are just as many shops offering boards (and lessons) for all skill levels.

For other activities, we again suggest that it is often much more reasonable and easier to rent what you need on the island. If you need some assistance, give us a call! We will be happy to speak with you and point you in the right direction. See you in Kauai!