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Old Koloa Town is known for founding Kauai's first sugar mill in 1835. The success of Old Town's mill quickly led to a boom of commercial sugar production across the Hawaiian islands. This in turn opened the door to a wave of immigration that helped to form the basis of Hawaii's modern multicultural population. With charming, old-fashioned storefronts and the Koloa History Center, the town immerses visitors in local heritage and customs on Kauai.

Visitors can step back in time exploring the Koloa Heritage Trail, which leads them through 14 cultural, historic and geological sites. If you're visiting Old Koloa Town during the end of July, you'll be treated to the famous Koloa Plantation Days Celebration. This annual summer event celebrates Kauai's past with a wide variety of activities including a rodeo, parades, historic exhibits and lots of family-friendly fun.

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