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Thanks to Joyce and Ed Doty, this 12-acre “retirement” home bought in 1979 has turned into a 320-acre national treasure today. It includes numerous gardens both adults and children can take pleasure in and one of the largest collections of bronze sculptures, numbering around 120 in total. Called Na’aina Kai Botantical Gardens, Sculpture Park and Hardwood Plantation, this diverse eco-system’s name means “Lands by the Sea.”

One of the many colorful gardens includes “Under the Rainbow Children’s Garden,” which opened for tours in 2005. The playful theme features a children’s wading pool and garden area. It centers around a 16-foot sculpture, “Jack and Company,” depicting the fairytale “Jack and the Beanstalk.” In addition, the area has a child-height maze designed in the shape of a gecko. A rubber tree includes a treehouse inspired by The Swiss Family Robinson. Children can also play in a tropical jungle within the garden. Many also love the hillside with tunnels and slides, as well as the unique teak tree log cabins.

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